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LEVERAXE® Ultra - The most lightweight model 2 kg / 4,4 lb

Leveraxe Ultra is lighter so even not so strong person can use it easily. And it's still as powerful as the Leveraxe Classic model. With lighter Leveraxe you may get faster speed and therefore power is getting stronger. Because Ultra is lighter, the blade weight does not come out so well (which help axe to turn = help leverage to work) and may require more training to learn the correct splitting technique than with Classic. The Classic model is suitable for chopping all types of wood. The Ultra model is best suited for chopping hardwoods such as dry deciduous woods.

Product information

  • Blade is manufactured by laser cutting of hard stainless steel (Duplex).
  • Black painted axe handle is made of ash wood, the steam is painted yellow.
  • The product is manufactured, assembled and packaged in Finland.
  • The axe comes with a black leather blade cover. This special cover protects the blade during transport and storage.
  • Length 90 cm / 35,5 in
  • Weight 2 kg / 4,4 lb

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How does it works?

Leveraxe is a smart wood-splitting tool. Leveraxe is based on a lever mechanism and rotational action. The blade is attached from the side, not the center, which alters its center of gravity. After you hit a log, Leveraxe blade will break in few millimeters and then stops. At the same time counterweight on the right side of the blade forces the axe to fall sideways, splitting the log apart with ease. Because of that Leveraxe can handle any type and diameter wood. It is simply clever and safest axe in the world.


  • Many times more splitting power
  • Does not get stuck in the wood
  • Safety elements stop movement
  • You can split over hard ground
  • The long handle reduces the risk of leg injury
  • Does not jolt in the hand or injure the user’s wrists
  • Works perfectly even when a bit dull
  • The axe blade has a 10 year warranty

Learn more about Leveraxe: How to use

Take good care of your Leveraxe

Cover the blade after use and store it in a covered dry location. The paint will wear off from the parts that touch the wood, but this is normal. Oil the blade occasionally to prevent rust. You don't have to sharpen the blade too frequently, because it works perfectly even when a bit dull. The blade works dull because it sinks only about an inch into the wood and the blade spreads wood about 2 - 3 inches. You can sharpen the blade with the grinding stone or wheel. If using a wheel, you can finish it off with grindstone.

Wood becomes dry and shrinks in dry environments. This may cause the blade to become slightly loose, but the way it is attached to the handle ensures that the blade will not come off. You can prevent this loosening by storing your Leveraxe in the non-heated humid facility, e.g. woodshed, bathroom or outdoor storage room. If the handle still feels loose you can soak it in warm water until it is tight again.



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