LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, ash handle

LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, ash handle

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Leveraxe is completely new innovation for chopping firewood.

This axe is not a wedge - it works as a lever.



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LEVERAXE® ClassicFI with composite handle is the Test Winner

Leveraxe, a Finnish Innovation has won a prestigious award from the Technical World Magazine wood splitting axe competition in October, 2016. This is just more proof of the Leveraxe’s splitting power and safety features. Competition competitors: Leveraxe Vipukirves 1 composite - Fiskars X27 splitting axe XXL. TM-parivertailu article (language: Finnish) 18E/2016:tekniikanmaailma.fi


“Leveraxe’s main benefit to it’s user is safety. The blade is blunt and doesn’t glance off to the side if you hit the wood wrong.“ - Technical World Magazine 10/2016
“When splitting wood with Leveraxe, it is important to let the handle rotate in your hand. When this happen the Leveraxe’s splitting power is amazing.” - Technical World Magazine 10/2016


Product information

Length: 90 cm / 35,5 in
Weight: 2,8 kg / 6,2 lb
Material of the blade: high quality steel
Material of the handle: ash (painted black, yellow handle head)
Blade process method: precision casting
Country of origin: Finland
Warranty: the axe blade has a 10 year warranty for the manufacturing defect only
The axe comes with a black leather blade cover.

LEVERAXE® ClassicFI is a Finnish invention and it has a Finnish Key Flag symbol  and Design from Finland mark. It is a prime example of Finnish design and innovation.

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More information

From our homepage you can find use, storage and maintenance instructions as well as some splitting tips: www.leveraxe.com/user-guides

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