Customer ratings for LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, original

LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, original
Product no.: 11102
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Delivery weight: 3 kg

Nordic test winner axe.

Few in stock.

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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 4.6
excellent, but expensive
from Anonymous on 4/10/2018
I've found the axe exactly as promised and would rate it the full five stars but for the price. It does not get stuck all the time (like my old maul) and is faster and genuinely more enjoyable than my hydraulic splitter (which I now use only for the accumulation of mis-shapen forks and oddments). A happy customer!
Kelpo tuote
from Pentti on 3/13/2018
Muutama puun vasta halottu n 1m3 mutta toimiva on. Turvallisuus on selkeä. Ei helpolla saa vahinkoa aikaiseksi. Käyttökynnys aloittelijallakin on hyvä uskoisin. Kirves sopii kaikille. Ei vain aloittelijoille. Lisänä pitää olla iso fiskarssi X25/27 jos haluaa halkoa perinteisesti isot helpot halot vain isoiksi kahtia tai neljään osaan sillä vipukirveellä tahtoo tulla isompaan halko tarpeeseen liiankin pilkkeitä. Ne tosin sopii näihin uusiin pikupesäisiin takkoihin sitten paremmin.
Kyllä vipukirve on toimiva kirve näin täysikäisen aikamiehen kokemuksella katsoen.
Each year I use not so mutch wood, but even for this quantity I need good tools
from Massonnat on 3/9/2018
Today, it's became a pleasure to fender my stock of wood. Really easy And pleasent to use.
Very good
from Anonymous on 3/6/2018
I had a pretty unusual situation: I had felled a large birch tree and cut it up with the chainsaw last year, which left me with a number of rather large blocks of
birch (diameter up to 90 cm). Due to various reasons, I had not been able to split the wood and it was outsite in the rain for a year. So now, I had wood that had started to rot on the top and bottom. The leveraxe, which normally does not get stuck, got stuck a lot, because of the rot. On some blocks, I had to alternate, using a 'normal' splitting axe and the leveraxe intermittently, because I needed the violent power of the heavier normal axe just to get through the rot. But in general, the leveraxe did fine - especially since it is not really meant for these conditions. And it handles much better than a classic splitting axe. The paint job on the leveraxe head suffered after this job. I wonder if I should repaint the head? Now I just greased it.
Beautiful tool
from Anonymous on 2/28/2018
Good to use. Splits hardwood and softwood equally well. It was a present from my wife who felt that my age (77) I needed to be a more sedate lumberjack and groan less about my stiffness. It is not a cure for arthritis but it makes splitting logs very much less of a chore. Also it looks properly "Nordic" and menacing.
from AE Wells on 2/21/2018
I ordered direct from Vikuperes; it arrived to Ireland in three days. This was just in time for the felling of five pines with a diameter of 30-45cm. All was split in five hard working days. If you enjoy quirky design, the Leveraxe is fantastic. If you want to get the job done it is even better. The technique is different and once you get that, most splits are in one hit. I was not sure of the difference between the first generation and the second. I am delighted with my collaboration with this spectacular new axe.
Very Good
from Luke Och on 2/16/2018
Great product. Splits locust no problem. Efficient and well made. I highly recommend this ax.
I'm in love
from Anonymous on 10/25/2017
Definetly recommended
from Anonymous on 10/5/2017
The axe works well and much easier than I expacted. The axe cannot get stuck in the wood, you need not enormous power and after a short time of habituation, chopping wood goes faster than ever. Of course, pieces of wood you cannot split with a normal axe will be also a problem for the LEVERAXE. For normal furnace size it is the best, but also the costliest axe I ever had.
Too expensive for our market
from mvarga on 10/2/2017
Nothing you can do with Leveraxe is impossible with a normal axe.
But still, it's fun to have one. Especially if you have fresh wood that it can go through.
Dry wood, particularly oak or walnut tree is pretty hard to cut in pieces.