Splitting Tips

Splitting Tips

for splitting firewood

Splitting_Tips1 Splitting_Tips2

1 Split the wood from several places.
2 Chop the firewood to suitable sizes.

1-13 Start chopping edges by turning clockwise until the middle of the wood.
14-15 Chop the sections into smaller pieces if you need.

Splitting_Tips3 Splitting_Tips4

1 First hit the block through.
2 Split the block to the sectors.
3 If desired, chop into smaller sectors.

1a-1f Start chopping block at the edges by turning it clockwise.
2 Split the block from the middle.
3 Finally split the tree on both sides of the branches.


Can the Leveraxe cut knotty wood logs?

How about a cross-branched spruce that doesn't split when hit in a wrong place?

The Leveraxe chops branchy birches and spruces with ease. When using the Leveraxe, mauls and sledgehammers are not necessary. The Leveraxe wedges the crack open 4 - 8 cm (1.6 - 3.2 in), splitting even the hardest trees easily. A traditional axe spreads the crack only the thickness of the blade and axe’s motion seizes due to friction. As you have likely learned from experience, spruces’ branches reach all the way to the base. The correct way of chopping a spruce is to split it in half and then chop in a shape of a sector toward the tree’s center between the branches. If the tree is very large, you should chop pieces from between the branches to reduce the tension. This will make it easier to split the tree and chop it into pieces.

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Build a Chopping Block

When splitting wood with the Leveraxe, it is highly recommended to build a chopping block with a log-holding tire set on top. It allows for dramatically increased speed and better ergonomics. It holds the logs together allowing for faster chopping. They won’t fall to ground. They are easy to move to transport or store at one move. For smaller woods, you can insert several into the tire at one time and make for a very efficient batch process.

With a traditional axe using the tire on top the chop would be awkward and dangerous. It does not stop on top of the log and therefore either the handle can hit back on your hands or even break when hitting other logs or the tire.

Chopping is made quicker and easier by constructing the copping block shown in the picture. You can get used tires at gas stations and tire shops and they don´t cost a thing!

Attaching the tire to the block is easy. Nail pieces of lumber along the top edge of the chopping block for support and screw the tire into the supports. With such a setup you can chop a great amount of wood in a short period of time. You will protect your back from continuous bending and save energy for chopping.

Don´t hold the log with your hand while chopping. This could result in losing a finger. Use a spike, as shown in the pictures, to hold smaller logs in place while chopping them. You could use a nail with its head removed. Push a small log into the nail. Split the log with the Leveraxe lever axe holding the handle of the axe with both hands. Using this technique, the axe won´t hit the nail and you won't become injured. Have a pleasant chopping experience with Leveraxe!

There are many ways to tie the tire, here's one:


If you don't have a time to build a chopping block, you can make a quick version:

Chopping_Block1  Chopping_Block2  Chopping_Block3  Chopping_Block4