HANDLE REPAIR SERVICE ash Classic FI and Ultra

HANDLE REPAIR SERVICE ash Classic FI and Ultra

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We change your broken or worn Leveraxe handle to the new one, so you don't need to renew the whole axe.

The handle repair service includes a new ash handle: removal of broken handle & installation of the new handle and the delivery back to the customer. Return delivery costs added to the price which you can see when you place an order.


1. Buy a suitable handle:

  • Leveraxe Classic FI model: composite or ash handle
  • Leveraxe Ultra model: ash handle

The product names were renewed on 10 February 2017. Vipukirves 1 is now LEVERAXE CLASSIC FI and Vipukirves 2 is now LEVERAXE ULTRA.


2. Send your Leveraxe to us at your own expense for handle repair:

Vipukirves Heikki Oy
Kaislatie 2 
FI-21200 Raisio, Finland

Pack all pieces of broken Leveraxe handle and axe head. If you don't have the original shipping box that is came in, pack the axe in the suitable one.


3. Send your shipping details with the Leveraxe:

  • Add your shipping details: name, address, email and mobile - and we will repair a new handle of your Leveraxe and send it back to you.

Please contact, if you have any questions about our Handle Repair Service!

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