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Product no.: 34447
99.00 €
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Delivery weight: 3 kg

Budget Leveraxe model available now. High quality manufactured forged blade and hickory handle. Country of origin Mexico.

In stock.

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 4.7
Erittäin hyvä tuote!
Metsässä käytän perinteistä kirvestä mutta kun puut on tuotu tontille on vipukirves aivan ehdoton. Tekniikka on tietenkin perinteisestä poikkeava mutta erittäin edullinen kropankin kannalta. Heikin videoissa näkyvä autonrengaspatentti pölkyn ympärille on ehdoton koska vipuvoima lennättää muuten puut "pitkin pientareita". Pölkyn ympärillä on myös hyvä olla pari metriä tilaa joka suuntaan.
Superb tool
This is a superb tool. Not too heavy and in my short experience, has comfortably chopped both hard and soft woods. Mae no mistake, chopping wood still takes effort but I can say that I've really enjoyed the task with my new favourite axe.
A definite improvement
I was hoping that this worked as well as the videos I had watched. It really does work well. One has to adapt a bit because it operates differently. One has to hold the handle loosely so it can turn, and one has to aim along the sides of the log. It does not split well if one aims right at the center. After learning how to us it, I am very pleased. This is much lighter and more efficient than a traditional ax. An added benefit is that the ax never hits the splitting stump so you can keep a splitting stump for a long time.
I am very happy
I am very happy that I agreed with an advice to buy an unusual type of axe though I had not expected it would work better than those used for thousand years. But I was exited with it and I really recommend LEVERAXE to everybody.
Very good product
I like to work with it.
Great new generation!
It´s really different to our axes which we before had. But it´s really great!
The "dull" blade makes us first time little bit skeptical. But after using it was fine.
Erittäin hyvä keksintö.
Kun lohkoo ohjeiden mukaisesti reunoista vasemmalle lohkoen, työ sujuu paljon vähemmällä voimalla kuin normaalisti kirveellä. Oksapaikatkin onnistuu puunkeskustaa kohden lyöden. Halkominen nopeutuu huomattavasti kirveeseen verrattuna.