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The head has been forged, so each axe blade is unique. Black painted axe handle is made of very durable US hickory wood. This new axe model produced by enhanced production method of mexican Truper™ equipment supplier and the tool manufacturer's factory in Mexico. The new, more efficient production method allows the axe more affordable resale price. The axe comes with a black leather blade cover.


Nordic - Finnish - Innovation and Ingenious Design

Leveraxe is a Finnish invention and it has a "Design from Finland" -mark. It is a prime example of Finnish design and innovation. Leveraxe has an ingenious design. Upon striking the log, it automatically turns to the right and detaches the chopped portion from the log. Leveraxe functions like a convention axe with the exception that the user must loosen his/her the grip on the handle when the blade strikes the log. Chopped sections are removed with a single strike and the blade doesn't become lodged in the log, but keeps it in the same place and ready for the next strike.


Product information

Product code: 34447
Bar code: 6430023070119
Length: 91,5 / 36 in
Weight: 2,7 kg / 6 lb
Material of the blade: high quality steel, each blade is invidual
Material of the handle: hickory tree
Head process method: forged
Country of origin: Mexico
Warranty: The axe blade has a 10 year warranty for the manufacturing defect only



Leveraxe is more safer, more effective and faster than traditional splitting axe

Read more about Leveraxe on our web site: www.leveraxe.com/user-guides




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