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Product no.: 22200
165.00 €
incl. 24% VAT (VAT free for non-EU countries).
Delivery weight: 2.5 kg

Lighter Nordic model.

In stock.

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Number of ratings: 13
Average rating: 4.7
five stars
from Anonymous on 4/10/2018
blasts through tough wood. Seems like magic. And it's fun. You start working on your wood pile, and before you know it, it's all split down into small pieces. Then you find yourself looking around for more wood to split.
excellent - easy to use and master ...great exercise ( i needed it )
from Anonymous on 3/13/2018
The Leveraxe 2 arrived about 10 days after ordering it and without the prohibitive EU sales tax. Several neighbors came over to witness the Leveraxe 2 as I took it out of the box ...most were very skeptical and more than a few thought I had wasted 'good money' for some newfangled axe. I started on an old tree stump and the Leveraxe 2 literally destroyed it in about one minute ...with wood chunks flying 20-30 feet in all directions ..we then shifted to some oak wood from a tree that had fallen down in a recent storm and which was very green ( fresh ). The Leveraxe 2 made fire wood out of every large chunk of oak tree in just a few minutes ...( we did use the old tire trick of placing the log inside the tire because the wood just seems to get everywhere unless it is contained ) One thing I definitely noticed: Don't try and overpower on the axe swing ...you really don't need to exert that much energy to achieve good results ...and you can get a lot more wood chopped in a shorter period of time with multiple strikes on the wood while moving around it. Several of the ladies tried the very lightweight axe and were surprised at how easy it was to use. We enjoy camping in eastern Canada ( Newfoundland ) every summer and we always have a huge fire every evening ...Until now, chopping wood for the big fire was an arduous and time consuming task. The Leveraxe 2 will be heading to Canada this summer with us ...and we plan to make good use of it there. I noticed last summer that many residents in Newfoundland were converting their homes to wood furnaces as the traditional fuel oil and electricity prices were costing them $800 per month on average during the cold season. The problem being the necessity to chop fire wood ...and with an older clientele living there ; its hard to stockpile enough firewood and even harder to find young folks willing to split up a few cords of wood for the older folks. My guess is that the Leveraxe 2 I just purchased will find a permanent home there ... Thanks so much ... Regards - mike
great tool
from Ian on 3/6/2018
I ordered my Leveraxe about one month ago and it arrived at my home in SEQld via Sydney within less than 5days - amazing from Finland to Australia almost in less time than it takes to drive to the Gulf (a good four day trip if you take it nice and steady) - the Leveraxe is a great tool, cleverly designed, well made too. Thanks for the tremendous service.
Настоящий Помошник
from Владимир on 2/28/2018
Рубит, как заявлено и показано - без особых усилий, любые чурки, надо приноровиться к нему - по привычке, сжимаешь топорище крепко, надо расслабляться. И получать удовольствие в процессе, и от результатов.
Very easy to use!
from Anonymous on 2/20/2018
Cut a knotted piece of pine in 5 minutes down to kindling
geweldige bijl, goed stuk gereedschap
from Anonymous on 2/16/2018
Ik heb deze bijl gekocht nadat ik hem bij mijn buurman had gezien. Het is een geweldig product. Houthakken wordt gewoon leuk om te doen. De stukken hout splijten gemakkelijk van het te hakken blok af. En je hoeft niet eens erg hard te slaan, geweldig.
5 star!!!
from Anita on 2/13/2018
Great customer care, fast delivery, big five for the product quality!
Very good and does what it says
from Anonymous on 2/9/2018
Much easier splitting, the tire trick is valuable as well. The difficult piecese of wood are just the same with this axe, knots etc. Plan a little ahead where you will cut.
Ensikosketus hyvä / good, first exposure to good
from JoNe on 2/9/2018
Muutama koivu tuli testattua, toimii... yli vuoden vanhaan jo hieman heikkoon, pehmeään kuuseen ei arvaten toiminut, puunhalkomispiste odottaa rakentamista. A few birch fire tested, works .. More than a year old already a little weak, soft tree guessing not acted, the tree ring station waiting for the construction, while waiting for spring.
from Anonymous on 12/15/2017
I worked several times with Leveraxe and products of other vendors. Leveraxe is the best one I ever tried.
Erinomainen tuote
from Anonymous on 7/6/2017
Toimitus oli esimerkillisen nopea. Postituspaketti mielenkiintoinen, hyvä!!! Kirveen käyttökokeilu on jäänyt kavereille esittelyyn. Syy; On kiivain poronhoidon vuodenaika. Ja jahtikausi on kiivaimmillaan. Palataan asiaan maaliskuun lopulla, jos haluatte kysellä uudestaan.
Oikein hyvä
from Anonymous on 7/6/2017
Halkominen on paljon mukavempaa ja helpompaa kuin perinteisellä kirveellä.
Tuote on nerokkain kirves, mitä koskaan on keksitty
from Anonymous on 7/6/2017