Customer ratings for LEVERAXE CLASSIC FI composite

165.00 €
incl. 24% VAT (VAT free for non-EU countries).
Delivery weight: 3 kg

Test winner with composite or ash handle

Available in composite or ash handle. Precision cast manufactured blade.
Country of origin Finland.

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Number of ratings: 41
Average rating: 4.8
Very good
It is a very good tool! For easy to medium difficult wood it is the best ax I know. For every difficult wood, (many branches and let´s say oak) a classical very heavy ax is the better choice. But for the normal stuff it works very good, very quick and very easy. Would buy it again!
Very good
Excellent for big logs (or average), for small is less practical but it is also possible.
Very strong blade edge compared to other brands
Erittäin hyvä, muttei täydellinen :)
Kirves toimi juuri niinkuin toivoin ja ajattelin, kunhan vain oli melko suoraa puuta eikä pahempia oksia. Pienien kierosyisten kuusien kanssa kirves vain jäi jumiin :)
Autonrenkaan sisältä oli erittäin mukava nostella klapit pinoon eikä tarvinnut kyykistellä !
Excellent. Lighter, faster, smarter
Up to now I have used a heavy maul. The Leveraxe composite differs in that it is lighter, thus more accurate for repeated hits on target. Using a tyre really helps. I also recommend the chopping gloves. Best regards
A nice product
When I received Leveraxe (it was a gift) I hadn't so much wood and almost everything was full of knots.
In a bit of time I understood how to use it and I chopped fastly all I had to do. That's useless to say that the regular pieces get splitted in a few seconds. That's incredibly easy to use it. Beautiful to watch it.
Brought this as a present for my 70 year old dad who uses it daily. He adores it. He even took it around to show his friends who all wanted a go with it.

Splits wood like nothing on earth. Great Scandinavian design!

Also shipping was super quick to New Zealand. Here in under a week.

Thank you!
Pilkkomista helpottava kelpo työkalu
Oikean tekniikan löydyttyä homma toimii. Vaati pienen totuttelun.
Ei ole hintansa värtti
Putkivarsi on paljon huonompi kuin fiskarssissa," tuppi" puuttuu päästä. Tubessa puut menee hienosti palasiksi. Meikä ei huomannut eroa fiskarssiin, paitti kovan hinnan. Samalla tavalla jää jumiinkin. Suosittelenko: en ja muistan sen kyllä kertoa, kolleegat odotteli suurella mielenkiinnolla mielipidettäni. sorry, tai ehkä mulla on vaan vääränlaiset halot? Siis ei ainakaan koivuun tehonnut.
Worked first time even on hard to split Australian hardwood
Ilo käyttää ja pölkyistä tulee klapeja vauhdilla. Turvallinenkin se on, läpilyönti meni komeasti maahan eikä jalkaan. Ja varsikin kestää. Hiki tulee heilutellessa vaan pinokin kasvaa vauhdilla.
Very handy lightweight axe
I still only used it twice, so have to get the hang of it, but it cuts wood and wedges itself into it very efficiently, speeding up the task of log cutting, and reduces the physical exertion needed with a classical axe. Ergonomic winner!! Gloves are a must!
Very good
It does take some time initially to get used to the axe, but once you understand how it works you wonder how you could manage without it.
Capable of profoundly changing the way you chop wood!
If you ever need to chop wood then this is the best way of doing it. Without dispute AMAZING!
Best ever.
I bought it for my son-in-law who is thrilled and actually takes it with him everywhere to amaze his friends. I bought it for his Christmas present. The staff at the company were amazingly helpful, enquiries were answered in a very timely, friendly and professional manner. The axe arrived within 9 days, directly to my door. I was amazed and delighted. I have suggested to the company Lee Valley Tools that they should contact VIPUKIRVES LEVERAXE and sell it in their stores in Canada. My request has gone to their product investigation team. Best wishes to you all, this is brilliant.
Todella erinomainen tavalliseen kirveeseen verrattuna
Hakkasin klapeiksi ison koivun, joka oli kannon halkaisijalta 80 cm. Aikaa meni, mutta työ tuli tehtyä. Olen tyytyväinen tähän kirveeseen. Todella erinomainen tuote, voin suositella.
Worth The Price
My father has a wood stove that heats his house, as a result, he chops a lot of wood. As he has gotten older this had become a painful task for him. This ax allows him to cut 14+" logs in no time flat with minimal effort. In addition to being an amazing product shipping to the US at Christmas time was incredibly fast. I highly recommend this if you regularly chop wood or have any amount of difficulty do it.
I gave this to my father for Christmas, who is an avid firewood cutter. My father and I were outside at 8pm in the dark splitting wood with it, and it works exactly as intended. You definitely need some sort of device to keep the wood contained as it blew apart the wood with ease (very hard elm). This product works so well that he took it to work with him the very next day to show all of his coworkers, who were literally standing in his office pondering over the technology of it. They couldn't believe how light it was and immediately started pulling up YouTube videos of how it worked. The only resistance this product received was the cost, which most guys said they wouldn't pay that price for it.
Works brilliantly
Works brilliantlyVery happy. Really does split the wood easier than a traditional axe. All it promised to be. I ordered the axe from Australia and had it delivered within 4days.
Only a Finn would fix something no one else knew was broken. This axe is ingenious. I ordered the Vipukirves Leveraxe for my husband and he has never been happier splitting wood. I weigh in at 112lbs and can easily split wood efficiently - big time saver! I was amazed at how quickly it arrived. We recommend using a tire to contain the wood as seen in the videos.
Excellent service, extremely quick delivery to South Africa. Well packaged as well and an awesome product. Will definitely recommend this to everyone.
Toimii hienosti naisenkin kädessä. Isommatkin pöllit halkeavat. Käytännöllinen ja kaunis muotoilu. Nopea toimitus
very good !!
Once used to the technique: outstanding !! Minimum effort !
It's never been easier to chop wood . the ax goes through the wood easily without me having to use much strength
Pyörä on keksitty uudelleen! Helpottaa hommaa huomattavasti kuten myös keventää. Homma luistaa kuin tanssi!
Tuote on nerokkain kirves, mitä koskaan on keksitty
Great axe, i actually compared it with my two splitting axes and one 10 ton hydraulic splitter here in Sweden, it did the job, and didnt actually take alot of more energy then the hydraulic splitter, but was more efficent then both of the splitting axes, i just love it, now i can splitt the wood as excersise and get alot done in a short amouth of time. But i did get a lot ot blisters in the beginning, and it took some time getting use to how the axe turns and how much force i hade to have, its a learning curve, but its worth it.
Vipukirves on kaikkea sitä mitä se lupaa olla ja vähän päälle!
Vipukirves tekee juuri sen mitä lupaakin. Klapit lentävät hallitusti yhteen ja samaan suuntaan. Eniten helpotusta tuo kirveessä se, että se ei jää hullunlailla kiinni pölkkyyn. Kirveen oma paino tekee suurimman osan työstä, joten itsekin pääsee helpommalla. Hyvät ja selkeät käyttöohjeet tekivät käyttöönoton erittäin helpoksi. Mahtava tuote!
Expensive, but outstanding!
I am very pleased with this, and it performs even better than I expected. It reduced a 70cm wide, 14cm deep block from a 100 year-old aspen to manageable pieces in very little time. It is a casting, rather than a forging, like my other axe, and I had reservations to begin with, but no longer! Even the postman commented on the design of the packing!
Amazing axe and great service!
| bought the axe as a gift to my dad, a retired civil engineer / "MacGyver" with a special interest in all kinds of tools. As a young man, he had an accident of the kind that the Leveraxe prevents, he cut his leg almost right off at the knee. I wish the leveraxe was available 50 years ago! Better late than never, he now swings his axe happily,and chopping big logs is effortless and being done with the atmost ease. Thank you again - twe shipment was very quick and your customer service was very, very helpful ! Can do nothing but recommend your product and your staff!
fantastic axe. An absolute wonder to experience and a joy to use
I was able to split logs that were previously as hard as steel and I was unable to cleave them with a normal axe. The leveraxe made the work both easier and achievable; almost a miracle experience!
experience after using it
Excellent, useful. Also to women too! Aerobic excercise in low price and outdoor. Like on slow crossfit, but better!
I bought this for my husband for Christmas, he was so excited he immediately went outside to chop wood! He and my son both love it!
Amazing Results
I work in forestry and always have a splitting axe in the van for use at work. Work colleagues were sceptical of my new acquisition until over a coffee break we tried out my new axe. We split a lot more wood for the client that day, just trying out this amazing tool. Less work more results, a great addition to my tool locker.
excellent product , great quality
5 star
couldn't get used to new 'way of using an axe' for a few days, but once I had learnt how to use the leveraxe, it has transformed my wood chopping. Thank you!
very highly
Very clever ,easy to use and very effective on hard and soft wood, much less tiring than traditional axes . My father who is now retired also likes the Leveraxe a great deal finding it very easy for him to use.
remarkable craftsmanship.
2nd generation Finn from the US. totally amazed at the ingenuity. my father and grandparents would be PROUD!!! thank you! (my brother for whom I bought the axe is not so happy..he's 50..he needs a better sense of humor). Thank You. Life is good. Sharon holmes
Kelpo tuote
Muutama puun vasta halottu n 1m3 mutta toimiva on. Turvallisuus on selkeä. Ei helpolla saa vahinkoa aikaiseksi. Käyttökynnys aloittelijallakin on hyvä uskoisin. Kirves sopii kaikille. Ei vain aloittelijoille. Lisänä pitää olla iso fiskarssi X25/27 jos haluaa halkoa perinteisesti isot helpot halot vain isoiksi kahtia tai neljään osaan sillä vipukirveellä tahtoo tulla isompaan halko tarpeeseen liiankin pilkkeitä. Ne tosin sopii näihin uusiin pikupesäisiin takkoihin sitten paremmin. Kyllä vipukirve on toimiva kirve näin täysikäisen aikamiehen kokemuksella katsoen.
Beautiful tool
Good to use. Splits hardwood and softwood equally well. It was a present from my wife who felt that my age (77) I needed to be a more sedate lumberjack and groan less about my stiffness. It is not a cure for arthritis but it makes splitting logs very much less of a chore. Also it looks properly "Nordic" and menacing.
I ordered direct from Vikuperes; it arrived to Ireland in three days. This was just in time for the felling of five pines with a diameter of 30-45cm. All was split in five hard working days. If you enjoy quirky design, the Leveraxe is fantastic. If you want to get the job done it is even better. The technique is different and once you get that, most splits are in one hit. I was not sure of the difference between the first generation and the second. I am delighted with my collaboration with this spectacular new axe.
excellent, but expensive
I've found the axe exactly as promised and would rate it the full five stars but for the price. It does not get stuck all the time (like my old maul) and is faster and genuinely more enjoyable than my hydraulic splitter (which I now use only for the accumulation of mis-shapen forks and oddments). A happy customer!