LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, composite handle

LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, composite handle

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Customer ratings for LEVERAXE® ClassicFI, composite handle

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Definetly recommended
from Anonymous on 10/5/2017
The axe works well and much easier than I expacted. The axe cannot get stuck in the wood, you need not enormous power and after a short time of habituation, chopping wood goes faster than ever. Of course, pieces of wood you cannot split with a normal axe will be also a problem for the LEVERAXE. For normal furnace size it is the best, but also the costliest axe I ever had.
Too expensive for our market
from mvarga on 10/2/2017
Nothing you can do with Leveraxe is impossible with a normal axe.
But still, it's fun to have one. Especially if you have fresh wood that it can go through.
Dry wood, particularly oak or walnut tree is pretty hard to cut in pieces.
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